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About Hongfat


1.Who are we?
We are Hong Kong hongfat hardware and machinery manufacturing co.ltd. Located in Zhongshan city, Guangdong province, China.
2.What can we offer?
Whole production line for making adhesive paper and tape, from coating machine, slitting macine, cutting machine to printing machne. Turn on key base offer.
3.What is our advantage?
The best choice for turn on key offer.
3.1Hongfat can really help you to set up the coating factory from zero, no matter machine production, installing, training for operator,maintenance, raw material supplier identify and business convoy.
3.2 He can lend you English-speaking operator.
3.3 Some machine is 3 years guarantee.
3.4 English-speaking engineers has the experiences of serving more than 20 countries.
     They are many company which is much bigger than Hongfat, they are
many company who can make good machine as Hongfat. Especially, when
we talk about machine,we like to say German machine is good. While after
they get your money, few of them can really be patience to set up your
business from Zero. Especially when your request seems out of their duty,
Especially the job is beyond the duty of machine seller.
     If you have good experience already and just want good machines. Hongfat is one of your choice. If you want to set up the coating factory from Zero, Hongfat is your only choice.
 Turn on key base offer for BOPP coating line /scotch tape coating line in Bekasi, Indonesia.

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